Formula 1 to Launch First Subscription Service – F1 TV

F1 Logo - Abu Dhabi - Podium
Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd.

Formula 1 is to launch for the 2018 season a new, innovative way of watching the sport online, with F1 TV.

F1’s new owners Liberty Media is to bring the sport’s first OTT platform, marking F1’s biggest investment in the digital market to date.

Fans will experience commercial-free live streams of each race with multi-national commentary, as well as access to all 20 driver on-board cameras throughout every race in the 2018 FIA Formula 1 season. F1 TV pro will have unique feeds not available on any other platform with the capability of multi-level personalisation.

Subscribers will be able to choose the content they view, how and when they can access it. All of practice, qualifying and the race as well as additional content such as live press conferences, pre and post race interviews and access to watching the support series of FIA Formula 2, GP3 Series and Porsche Supercup, among others.

F1 TV will be available in four languages: English, French, German and Spanish. The service will be available in countries such as Germany, France, USA, Mexico, Belgium, Hungary, Austria and Latin America. Users will be able to access F1 TV on desktop and web, as well as mobile devices and TV apps on Amazon, Apple and Android.

Pricing for F1 TV Pro will be offered on a monthly basis of $8-$12, and annual rates will be priced according to market.

A less expensive, non-live subscription tier service of F1 TV Access will be available with radio commentary and live race timing data. F1 TV will also allow fans to access history archive owned by Formula 1 as part of the package.

Formula 1’s Director of Digital and New Business, Frank Arthofer says the introduction of F1 TV is a beginning of a journey for the sport entering the digital market.

“With the launch of F1 TV, we are beginning on the journey to build a cornerstone of our digital transformation” said Arthofer.

“F1 TV subscription products are clearly and centrally aimed at our hardest core fans, and we are firm believers that while we are bringing a new audience to the sport, we must always remain focused on delivering products and experiences that serve the most avid F1 fans.”

“Our objective with F1 TV is simple: provide these fans with the best available service to watch live Grands Prix and provide them with the best sports OTT customer experience in the world.

“Our team and our partners are singularly focused on delivering on that vision: not just for launch but over the long-term. Live streaming video is an exciting space changing almost daily.”

F1 TV will be provided by Tata Communications, F1’s official connectivity provider. Tata’s managering director, Mehul Kapadia said that the new service will give fans the power to create their own viewing experience.

“F1 is the first global sport to adopt such an ambitious mobile strategy – and we’re excited to be part of it.” said Kapadia.

“A single global OTT video platform, with multiple live feeds and hundreds of hours of past highlights, gives fans the power to create their own unique, immersive motorsports experiences. It’s a way to keep existing audiences hooked and attract new fans to the world of F1 too.”