Twenty Laps enough for Drivers to Adapt to Halo, says Sainz

Carlos Sainz Jr. says drivers will not take long to adapt to the Halo
Credit: Renault Sport Formula 1 Team

Carlos Sainz Jr. does not believe it will take any driver long to adapt to life with the Halo head protection system, and feels he will be comfortable with it within twenty laps of getting on track.

The Spaniard, about to embark on his first full-time campaign with Renault Sport Formula 1 Team racer after joining the Enstone-based squad ahead of the United States Grand Prix last season, says the Halo can be an effective device, and it will not be long before drivers are able to ignore it completely whilst driving.

Sainz also believes the Halo has not looked as bad on the car than many feared, and feels it would not be long be long before they are deemed as ‘normal’, both from drivers and the fans.

“I think it can be an effective device,” said Sainz on “As drivers, we will have to adapt to it, 20 laps or so in testing should be enough time.

“The engineers will see how it affects aerodynamics. I have seen the work done in the windtunnel back in the factory but now we need to test its behaviour on track.

“Visually, I don’t think the halo looks too bad once it has been integrated in the car. We will all get used to it and it will be normal fairly quickly.”