Kevin Magnussen Wants More “Leicester City” Stories in F1

Kevin Magnussen - Haas F1 - Barcelona
Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd.

Haas F1 Team‘s Kevin Magnussen says he wants to see more underdog stories to happen in Formula 1.

Under Liberty Media‘s ownership, the sport could be set to introduce a cost cap system in order for smaller teams to compete with the “Big three”.

Cost capping has been a topic long discussed in F1 since the early 2000’s, when former FIA President Max Mosley wanted to propose a system, but the idea was rejected.

The last time F1 saw an underdog winner was Pastor Maldonado‘s win at the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix where he stunned everyone in his Williams FW34.

Speaking to, Magnussen says if cost capping were to be introduced in F1 that it would be good for the sport and that big spenders in the sport would have to rethink their philosophy on how they spend.

“It would give a much better chance to us smaller teams.” said Magnussen.

“Who knows, even in the beginning, we would have an advantage because we’re used to not spending all that money. We wouldn’t have to change as many things.”

“But big organisations like Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, they would really have to cut back on many things and change their structure a lot. So it would be really interesting.”

Recent seasons in F1 have only seen the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull be competitors for the winner’s trophy. But the Danish driver says it would be better to have a wider range of drivers fighting for victories over the season.

“It’s frustrating that you only have one or two, maybe three drivers that you can root for who are winning.” Magnussen continued.

“I have fans rooting for me, all the other drivers in the midfield have fans rooting for them, and they never get to see that driver fighting for wins.

“Of course it would be a lot better if you had a broader range of drivers who were in the fight for wins.”

The former McLaren and Renault driver said that F1 needs moments like Leicester City‘s title winning season in the Premier League, where they defined 5000/1 odds to win England’s major football league.

“You get teams who have a lot of fans who support a team that maybe doesn’t always win – but then like Leicester a few years ago, mega story that suddenly they go on and win the Premier League.”

“That’s a bit extreme, I know. Sometimes Barcelona gets beaten by a smaller team, and that’s great.”

“They don’t get beaten very often, but it does happen sometimes. The people that root for the smaller team, they have a reason to root for them and kind of hope. I think it would be great.”