Magnussen Happy With Sixth But Annoyed To Lose Out To Gasly

Kevin Magnussen - Haas F1 Team - Qualifying
Credit: Haas F1 Team

Haas F1 Team‘s Kevin Magnussen says he is happy with his qualifying at the Bahrain Grand Prix, but admits he’s slightly annoyed to lose out by a few hundredths of a second to Pierre Gasly.

The Danish driver performed well once again in Qualifying having reached the shootout session for the second race in a row, out-qualifying team-mate Romain Grosjean.

Due to Lewis Hamilton‘s penalty, Magnussen will move up one spot on the grid and will line-up sixth, next to Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda‘s Gasly.

Speaking after the session, Magnussen says he was happy with the outcome of the result and also stated that the tyres were hard to find the right operating window during the session.

“It went well and I’m very happy with today.” said Magnussen.  “The tyres here have been really difficult to switch on. You either don’t switch them on or you overheat them.

“It’s a very narrow window. To get that sorted for qualifying and find a good rhythm all the way through the session consistently – it felt good.”

The Dane says despite being happy with starting sixth, he is annoyed to miss out by a few hundredths of a second to Gasly, admitting he could have found a bit more time.

“I’m happy. It’s a little bit annoying to see one car ahead by one-, two-hundredths of a second,” said Magnussen.  “You could always find a little more, but then so could they. I think we got everything out of it today.”

Haas’ race pace during practice looked promising in the night conditions, with Magnussen saying the pace is positive, but has said the tyres are tricky to deal with and finding the window will be a challenge ahead of the race tomorrow.

“Our race pace still isn’t a given, but it’s looking good,” said the Dane.  “It wasn’t bad on Friday, so we’re positive, but we’re also aware those tyres are pretty tricky, so we need to get them in the window, then we’ll be fine.”