Formula 2 Set For Clutch Fix After Issues Occurred in Opening Rounds

by Aaron Gillard
FIA Formula 2 Baku Start

FIA Formula 2 is set to use its test car this week to find a solution involving the clutch, after 14 cars stalled in the opening four races this year.

Drivers have been vocal relating to the issue surrounding the Dallara F2/2018‘s clutch in the grounds of safety, due to cars having to avoid stalled drivers at a start of a race.

It is to believe that the series are investigating the problem with the clutch for any changes needed.

Speaking to, FIA Race director Charlie Whiting explains that the issue involves around the mapping of the clutch and aim to bring an improvement by the Monaco Grand Prix later this month.

“The problem as I’ve had it explained to me, they can improve the mapping of the clutch paddle, and they can improve the way the clutch itself works,” said Whiting.

“There is a problem there, they understand that, and they are going to run the F2 test car this coming week in order to try and find some things that they think can improve and have it ready for Spain. 

“It’s a wholly unsatisfactory situation. In Monaco it will be a whole different story.”

ART Grand Prix driver and Baku Sprint Race winner George Russell made his voice heard about the issue regarding the clutch, saying that the problem is “unacceptable” in a series below Formula 1.

“This is the highest level below F1 and to have 14 cars stall in four races is just unheard of and unacceptable really for a championship of this standard,” said Russell.

“Nobody can afford to lose this championship based on starts or stalling. It’s only when you have a new car this would happen, but they are doing something about it and that’s the main thing.”

Luca Ghiotto, who was a victim to stalling on the grid, also commented on the matter and said that drivers should be thinking about how good the start will be, not if you’ll start at all.

“[A fix] is necessary because you can’t just hope that you will start” commented Ghiotto.

“Normally you should just think about how good to start, not if you will start or not.

“You just need to hope to start. That’s it. It’s bad to say that, because we are here for racing, it’s a high-level championship and everyone wants to win.”

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