Maximilian Günther Excited To Achieve ‘Childhood Dream’ in Monaco For Formula 2

Maximilan Gunther - Monaco - Formula 2
Credit: Zak Mauger / FIA Formula 2

Maximilian Günther is looking forward to achieving a childhood dream of driving the Circuit de Monaco ahead of this weekend’s action in the FIA Formula 2 Championship.

Günther arrives into Monaco eleventh in the championship after failing to score in Barcelona last time out. The German has last scored since his podium on his debut weekend in the series back in Bahrain.

With the next round in Monaco, Günther will experience a life long dream of racing in the streets of Monte-Carlo for the first time.

Previewing ahead of the next round in Formula 2, Günther said that racing around Monaco will be special but remembers that once in his BWT Arden, he’ll be concentrating to get the best result for the team.

“Monte Carlo is really special,” said Günther.

“It’s totally impressive to see all this here, completely different than all other tracks of the season: party-music aboard the yachts, superstars and international VIPs at the track.

“On top of that, the fans can get closer to the racing action than anywhere else. Monaco is unique! To be honest with you, to drive here in Monaco is a childhood dream coming true for me. It’s every racing driver’s dream, a special challenge and those are the reasons why I’m really looking forward to this weekend!

“However, once we are in the car we have to concentrate on the race track and our job. The tight guardrails are a challenge and despite all the glamour around the harbour, for us this weekend has to be business as usual!”

Monaco is known for being a tight and twisty circuit with the drivers being close to the barriers at high speeds. One small error from a driver and it could end with a crash into the armco barriers.

Günther says that it is important to put faith in yourself when doing a lap around Monaco and noted the importance of qualifying that’ll take place on Thursday due to the track’s difficulty in overtaking.

“You have to have faith in yourself and your car, increasing lap by lap” Günther continued.

“However your car has to be well balanced and set up perfectly. Brakes, traction and a stable car are decisive.

“The fast sections are fantastic, around the Casino we are surprisingly quick, also at the swimming pool where you have to be precise on the kerbs to keep your racing line.

“Of course here the starting position is crucial. All in all, Monaco is a cool challenge, unique and I look forward to the weekend!”