Maximilian Günther: Start Of European Season Makes Life ‘Easier’

by Aaron Gillard

Maximillian Günther says he is happy that life is now made easier with the European season starting ahead of this weekend’s FIA Formula 2 at the Circuit de Bareclona-Catalunya.

Günther currently lies tenth overall in the championship after an impressive start in his first season in Formula 2, but the German failed to score at the last round in Azerbaijan, thanks to a double retirement.

The BWT Arden driver will be hoping to change it this weekend in Spain, a track he has never raced at before in his single-seater career.

The German said the arrival of Spain marks the European season and will make life easier for his Arden team in terms of travelling.

“Barcelona is another exciting track and I look forward to the race weekend in Spain!” said Günther.

“We are happy that now the European season starts, with shorter travel, which is important for my BWT Arden team. At the track we now have our team truck, my ‘home’ away from home until autumn.

“Really, I have to say it makes life much easier.”

Alongside championship leader Lando Norris, Günther has never competed around the 2.8 mile Barcelona circuit before, so the pair will be using most of the practice session on Friday to get use to the circuit and its low grip surface.

Looking ahead to the weekend, Günther says that conditions can vary from morning to afternoon and that finding the right car set-up will be a challenge to decide due to the different technical sectors the track provides.

“The temperature is usually in the mid-20s but the wind can be a bit tricky when it is gusty” Günther continued.

“Conditions change from morning to afternoon. The track is demanding all the way, with no time to rest. I really enjoy the flow of the lap with to its mix of slow, medium and high-speed corners. There are corners, like one and two, where the smallest mistake can hurt your speed all the way through turn three.

“The first two sectors are mainly medium- and high-speed corners. The final sector is very technical, mostly low-speed and you need to be careful to get the last ones right to ensure you don’t lose any time. The mix of all these different corners means you have to find the right compromises when setting the car up.

“Downforce and a good balance are crucial.“

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