Nicholas Latifi Prepared For ‘One of The Special Events Of The Year’

Nicholas Latifi - Formula 2 - Practice
Credit: Joe Portlock/LAT Images/FIA Formula 2

DAMSNicholas Latifi is excited for ‘one of the special events of the year’ ahead of this weekend’s action around the Circuit de Monaco for FIA Formula 2.

After a disappointing round in Spain where the Canadian driver only grabbed one point over the weekend, Latifi will aim to put the disappointment behind him ahead of the next round in Monaco.

Looking ahead to the weekend, Latifi says he’s excited to be racing around the streets of Monaco, with the circuit providing an extra adrenaline rush whilst doing a lap, with one small error could end in the barrier.

“Street tracks are some of my favourites and it’s always exciting to be going to Monaco, it’s one of the special events of the year,” said Latifi.

“You get an extra adrenaline rush from driving between the walls – knowing that if you do make a mistake you’re going to be punished for it. And this is Monaco. It has the history and an atmosphere unlike any other race.”

Reflecting over his weekend in Barcelona, Latifi suffered a bad start to the feature race after stalling on the grid, which ended his weekend as he dropped down the field. The twenty-two year old climbed his way back into the points in a damp conditioned sprint race.

“I missed the chance to score useful points in Barcelona, so my goal is to have a clean weekend, with no mistakes from my side, and hopefully a bit of luck. I think I’m due some.

“At street races, and Monaco in particular, you need to have a bit of luck on your side.

“You also have to put yourself in the right place to be able to capitalise on the opportunities that come to you because the races are never straightforward. Things always happen in Monaco; safety cars, people making mistakes.

“I have to keep my nose clean but at the same time be quick enough to be near the front and able to react.”

For the weekend in Monaco, qualifying will split into two groups, group A and group B. A are consist of drivers in odd numbered cars, group b evens.

Latifi will be in group B as he races with the number 6 on his car, which he believes will be an advantage to him as he’ll go out second after the first group.

“The field is split into two groups for Qualifying because the track is so short. It’s sometimes more beneficial to be in the second group because there will be more rubber on the track” Latifi continued.

“Either way, Qualifying is really important. To do well in Monaco you need a good starting position.”