Norris ‘Disappointed’ With Baku Results Despite Extending Championship Lead

by Aaron Gillard
Lando Norris - Carlin Motorsport - Baku

FIA Formula 2 Championship leader Lando Norris says he feels “disappointed” over the results he collected at the Baku City Circuit.

The Carlin Motorsport driver performed well in qualifying to start on the front row, but stalling on the grid before the race meant he had to start in the pit lane.

Norris recovered to finish sixth in the feature race and fourth in the sprint race, but the Bristol-born driver admits he made several errors which cost him positions and reflecting on his weekend in Azerbaijan, the Carlin driver said that he feels he could of done better but is confident ahead of the next round in Barcelona.

“I’m disappointed, I could have done better in both races but I feel confident going to Barcelona” said Norris.

“It’s more points but not the amount I’d wanted. The car could have been better and I made too many mistakes which cost possible podiums. 

“Sixth place in the Feature was a pretty decent recovery after how the race began. The clutch instantly bit and the car stalled at the green light for the installation lap so I started from the pit-lane at the back.  

“I didn’t feel as confident with the car’s set-up as I had in qualifying. But we got a bit lucky with mistakes and failures from others. My start in the Sprint race wasn’t great and then I had to avoid the car ahead of me. I was a little too cautious in the opening laps.”

During the sprint race, Norris was battling alongside Nicholas Latifi and George Russell. The pair went three wide into the turn, with Norris on the outside, looking to make an outstanding pass. However, the eighteen year old went wide, conceding the corner and losing valuable time and positions.

Norris explains about the ambitious move and that he felt some oversteer whilst proceeding into the turn with Latifi and Russell.

“We were three abreast with me on the outside. I could see in my left mirror that they were there but couldn’t tell how far alongside they were,” Norris continued.

“We all braked really late, and I dived into the corner, but needed to leave a big gap not wanting to turn in on them as I still wasn’t sure where they were at.

“I went in hot, got some oversteer, and knew I’d end up in the wall if I tried to make the corner, so steered right, losing positions.”

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