REVIEW: Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition

Credit: Assetto Corsa/Stuart Richards

Bringing together all of its downloadable content releases so far, Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition is for the racing fan who wants a complete console package of the acclaimed racing simulator.

Never before has a game made me feel so inadequate as a racing driver. That certainly isn’t the games’ fault, but a sheer negligence at only playing arcade style racing games. Assetto Corsa makes Gran Turismo Sport feel like Simpsons Hit and Run.

This comes as no surprise for long time fans of the game. It has been out on console for just over a year and even longer on PC. However, this is the first time that the game with all DLC has been released as a complete package on consoles, a plan to certainly attract new players to the series.

I would like to think I have a certain amount of talent and knowledge that would get me around most virtual racing circuits, but Assetto Corsa brought me back down to earth with a bump. Therefore it drags you in further to improve your talents with hours of gameplay, you want to be good at this game and with practice you will be.

Credit: Assetto Corsa/ Stuart Richards

Those players who wish to play with a gamepad must do so safe in the knowledge that they will not be truly competitive compared to those with a steering wheel. As noted before, the game is a racing simulator and not in any way an arcade racer. When the game was being reviewed, this author constantly bemoaned the fact that he was devoid of a steering wheel and was certainly not enjoying the fact he had to use a gamepad.

With the use of a steering wheel, I can imagine that Assetto Corsa is one of the best racing sims you can buy. A laud that Kunos Simulazioni and 505 Games would certainly be glad to hear.

Getting used to the controller, I was able to then properly sample the 16 circuits that come with this game. Each beautifully rendered following laser-scanning at each real world venue. Plus as well as great looking tracks, the cars – all 178 of them – are also stunning. To those without a finer eye for detail may be fooled into thinking that they’re watching motorsport live on television.

Credit: Assetto Corsa/ Stuart Richards

This game is acclaimed for a reason amongst sim racing fans, to be able to sample a game like this on console is very rare indeed. Plus with updates and more DLC possibly coming in the future, Assetto Corsa can only get better.

This Ultimate Edition of the game is the original console release but with all DLC included, therefore if you do already own the standard edition there is no need to re-buy this edition of Assetto Corsa.

But if you like a challenge and a step up from Gran Turismo Sport, the game is out now and costs £29.99



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