Tadasuke Makino Praises Halo For Saving His Life After Terrifying F2 Accident

by Aaron Gillard
Tadasuke Makino - FIA Formula 2 - Spanish GP

Russian Time‘s Tadasuke Makino has praised the effort of the halo, saying the cockpit protection saved his life after a terrifying accident during the sprint race at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

The Japanese driver and BWT Arden‘s Nirei Fukuzumi clashed together during the race, with Fukuzumi’s Arden being launched onto the top of Makino’s car, hitting the halo and scarring the sidepods. Both drivers escape the incident uninjured.

After the race, Makino tweeted from his official twitter account images of a scuffed halo, praising the device for its effort.

“Didn’t see much when the accident happened but afterwards very grateful to have my halo” said Makino.

Speaking to Motorsport.com, When asked whether the device saved his life during the accident, the Japanese driver replied with:

“I think so yeah.”

“The first time I tested this car I didn’t think the halo was good, because it’s difficult to see anything, but today the halo helped me. It’s really important

“I understand how the halo works now. I don’t know what happened, but without the halo I think the tyre would have hit my helmet. It was a big surprise for me, the halo was a big help for me.”

This is the first incident where the halo has played a part in protecting the driver, despite months of criticism over the device.

FIA race director Charlie Whiting has said that accident could have been a lot worse if the halo wasn’t fitted on to the Formula 2 car.

“Judging by the photos we’ve seen and the accident itself it looks very much as if it could have been a lot worse without the halo,” said Whiting.

“That’s the preliminary findings but where you see the tyre marks start on the bodywork behind and all the way down the side of the halo, where they start on the halo is exactly where one of the two test loads is applied.

“Even if it didn’t actually save his life it could have been nasty without the halo, judging by the tracks.” 

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