F1 Drivers Get First Taste Of Paul Ricard Circuit With F1 2018 Game

Paul Ricard - F1 2018 Game - Codemasters
Credit: Codemasters Studios

Codemasters Studios have released a new trailer ahead of this weekend’s French Grand Prix, showcasing the Paul Ricard circuit for the first time on the F1 2018 Game.

The latest trailer shows off the new circuit that will see its return to F1 since 1990, as France hosts a Grand Prix for the first time since 2008.

Within the new trailer released on the Official Formula 1 Game YouTube page, Romain Grosjean, Pierre Gasly, Esteban Ocon and Carlos Sainz Jr. get hands on with the new game and talk about the excitement for their home Grand Prix this weekend.

“Of course the French Grand Prix is the one I am most looking forward to in the year,” said Grosjean. “It will be my first time racing in my home Grand Prix and a lot of French fans are coming to support us.”

“I am massively excited. To have a home Grand Prix is a special feeling. You can really feel the support,” said Gasly.

The F1 2018 game will be released on the 24th August on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The game will feature a expanded career mode with press clippings, ERS management and a new class of Classic cars, including the 2009 Brawn GP F1 car.

After getting hands on with the game, the drivers were left very impressed with the new game, detailing the new graphics and saying the games keep on getting closer to the real world of Formula 1 racing.

“I have been playing games since I was a kid… and I haven’t stopped,” said Ocon.

“The games have evolved massively and are getting more and more realistic. It is still my routine to go training during the day and I play for one or two hours in the evening… and I find it very useful. When we don’t have a race weekend I keep racing on my own.”

Gasly added: “This is my first try on F1 2018 and I am super impressed. I am a big fan of the games and have played them since I was a kid. Every year it keeps getting better.”

Renault Sport Formula One Team‘s Carlos Sainz Jr., whose team will celebrate their home race this weekend, also got to play the game and said that he uses the F1 games to practice for weekends as well as using Renault’s simulator.

“I spend my time at home practising in the Formula 1 game and on the simulator at Renault. You can be sure that we do this kind of practice,” said Sainz.

Reflecting on the feedback given by the drivers in the video, Lee Mather, Game Director of F1 2018 said that it was fantastic to get the opportunity to allow the real drivers to test the game and give them positive feedback for the game.

“It is fantastic for us to get time with the real drivers,” said Mather.

These are the guys who know what it is really like to drive these incredible cars and to have them give honest feedback is always extremely valuable. The fact that they were all positive about the game and the direction in which we are taking it is great to hear.”