Lando Norris Reflects ‘Good Weekend’ As Rival Russell Suffers in Hungary

Lando Norris - Press Conference - Hungary F2
Credit: Joe Portlock / FIA Formula 2

Carlin Motorsport‘s Lando Norris says his FIA Formula 2 weekend in Hungary could have gone better with a win but sees the positive as championship rival George Russell only picked up one point.

Norris clinched second and fourth at the Hungaroring, narrowly missing out on the feature race win after clawing his way through the field in the wet stage of the race. Nyck de Vries however, dispatched Norris’ fourteen second lead and passed him at the chicane during the dry stint of the feature race to win.

For Sunday, Norris clinched fourth place behind team-mate Sérgio Sette Câmara and reduced the championship gap between him and ART Grand Prix‘s Russell by twelve points. Russell suffered a clutch failure on Saturday which hindered his weekend and only picked up one point in the sprint race.

Reflecting on his weekend in Budapest, Norris says that the weekend would have been better if a win could of happened in the feature race, but with his rival Russell having a bad weekend, has helped him catch up in the championship.

“It’s been a good weekend, could have been made better with a win yesterday, but with George having a bad one, I’ve reduced his championship lead with two strong results,” said Norris.

“From a Carlin perspective, qualifying was very good, possibly the best of the season with Sergio getting pole and me sixth fastest. I improved my time on the second run but I’d pushed too hard in the first two sectors and the tyres, which were good for only one real push lap, got too hot and dropped off.”

In the wet start of the feature race, Norris was able to cut his way through the field and pass his team mate for the race lead. The McLaren junior driver build a good gap in the transition from wet to dry from second place de Vries, but soon caught up to him and pass down at the chicane for the race win.

Norris claims that he lost front-end grip in the latter stages of the race but held on to take second place as his team-mate and Antonio Fuoco battled behind him, and even collided at the penultimate corner of the race. The British driver also said that fourth place in the sprint race was satisfying as the series goes into the summer break.

“I had too much wheel spin at the start of the Feature race dropped places while the visibility was very bad. I started to push after a few laps, took the lead and pitted for slicks with a good gap,” Norris continued.

“For the first few laps on slicks, things weren’t too bad but I quickly lost masses of front-end grip and just about managed to retain second place in the closing laps.

“Fourth today was about the best I could have hoped for and it’s additionally satisfying as I had to work hard for it.”