Monza “Best Track” For Overtaking Opportunities Reckons Kevin Magnussen

by Aaron Gillard
Kevin Magnussen - Haas - Belgium

Haas F1 Team‘s Kevin Magnussen has said that Autodromo Nazionale Monza will present the best overtaking opportunities of the season ahead of this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix.

Formula 1 will head to the historical Monza circuit for the Italian Grand Prix this weekend, iconic for it’s high speed straights and home of the passionate “Tifosi” fans.

Monza is also home to one of F1’s records set by Juan Pablo Montoya in 2004 for the fastest lap ever produced, averaging 164MPH during the lap.

This generation of F1 cars are one of the fastest cars ever produced in the sport for it’s aggressive aerodynamics that allows the drivers to tackle corners at high speed, as well as containing high-tec V6 Hybrid engines.

When asked if this year’s cars will match Montoya’s record, Magnussen reckons that this generation of cars won’t be able to match the straight line speed compare to the 2004 BMW Williams.

“This generation of cars, they’re very fast in the corners, but their strength isn’t the straight-line speed. Monza is all about straight-line speed,” said Magnussen.

“Of course, you need a good car in the corners to be competitive, but back then when Montoya set that lap time, they were unbelievably fast on the straights. So, I doubt we’ll be able to beat that one.”

The 3.6 mile long circuit is known for it’s high speed straights and heavy braking zones, which can present overtaking opportunities to drivers for Sunday.

Magnussen believes that the Monza circuit presents some of the best overtaking opportunities of the season.

“Monza is probably the best track for overtaking on the calendar. It’s always exciting racing there,

“Monza is like any track in that it takes a perfect lap in every sense, and a perfect balance in the car as well.”

The home of the Italian Grand Prix is also home to the “Tifosi”, the passionate Ferrari fans who will cheer on the Red cars this weekend.

Magnussen’s team Haas are powered by a Ferrari engine and says that the extreme passionate fan base from Italy creates a great experience when racing here.

“Monza is all about the atmosphere. It’s got so much history and the Italian fans are really into it and they’re extremely passionate. It’s always a fantastic experience racing there.”

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