Gasly Prepared For First Singapore Grand Prix By Training In Intense Heat

by Aaron Gillard
Pierre Gasly - Toro Rosso - Cockpit

Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda‘s Pierre Gasly has prepared for his first ever Singapore Grand Prix by training in high temperatures, anticipating the intense heat at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Gasly Previously attended the race with the Red Bull team, living under European timezone in Singapore, but never for a weekend he’ll race in.

Gasly recalls back to his first time he attended the race, saying he enjoyed the race at the time.

“My only experience of Singapore is when I attended the race as third driver for Red Bull Racing,” said Gasly.

“So at least I got to see the race at first hand and it gave me an understanding of just how hot and humid it is and what it’s like having a night race, getting up in the afternoon and going to bed in the early hours of the morning.

“I found it quite straightforward, sticking on European time and you just have to get used to driving under the artificial lights. It’s a different rhythm, but I quite enjoyed it when I was there.”

The Marina Bay Street Circuit is known for it’s intense heat and humidity, making it one of the most challenging circuits of the calendar.

Gasly as not experienced the heat and racing 61 laps around the streets of Singapore before, but admits that he is a fan of the track having played around it on videogames.

In preparation for the physicality and heat that is to come for the weekend, Gasly has spent time training in clothes and using saunas to get his body ready in dealing with the high temperatures he’ll experience in an cockpit of an F1 car.

“The super-sticky conditions mean it’s the most physically demanding race of the year. Even if I’ve never driven the track, looking at the layout, I can see it’s the sort of circuit I like, where you can get into a rhythm with a lot of corners. It turns a lot and it’s very technical.

“We knew the last two races in Spa and Monza were going to be complicated but, on paper, Singapore should suit our car a bit better. I’m looking forward to seeing how we go.

“I’ve been training for the heat, wearing lots of clothes and sweating a lot, making sure I felt much too hot and I will be doing that sort of training right up until the weekend, as well as spending time in the sauna.

“Marina Bay is one of my favourite tracks to drive on the videogames, so I’m looking forward to experiencing the real thing.” 

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