Max Verstappen Believes Red Bull Have The Best Car In F1

Max Verstappen - Red Bull Racing - Singapore
Credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

Max Verstappen believes Aston Martin Red Bull Racing currently have the best car in Formula 1.

The Dutch driver performed a strong result at the Singapore Grand Prix, qualifying and finishing in second ahead of Scuderia Ferrari‘s Sebastian Vettel.

Whilst he was not able to appose a strong challenge to race winner Lewis Hamilton, he was able to get close to the Brit at one stage of the Grand Prix, whilst battling traffic which held up the Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport driver.

Red Bull may not have the best engine in the sport, but often has produced a strong chassis and aerodynamic design thanks to the works of Adrian Newey. Verstappen said at an opening of a new Jumbo supermarket in the Netherlands that the team have the best car in F1, following on from the result at Singapore.

“I think we have the best car in the field, as we found out in Singapore,” said Verstappen.

“Of course we hope that next year with a new engine supplier it will continue in the right direction.

“We already have the right people on board, but the whole package is not yet right. That will also be difficult next year, but I hope we will have a real chance the following year.”

Red Bull will end their partnership with Renault at the end of the year, as they’ll start a new era with Honda joining next year, stepping up from their sister team Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda.

Verstappen was asked whether he can trust Honda in delivering a strong package for next year for Red Bull, the Dutch driver believes that with the huge budget the Japanese engine manufacturer have compare to Renault, they should be able to produce a strong engine.

“First of all because of the budget they have, which is many times bigger than that of our current engine supplier,” Verstappen continued.

“Furthermore, they just go in the right direction, also in terms of test bench results. Moreover, they really, really want to win.

“We already have the mentality to want to win in the team. But now the other side – the engine – still has to be done and we will certainly get that next year.”