Romain Grosjean Excluded from Italian Grand Prix Following Renault Protest

by Aaron Gillard
Haas F1 - Floor - Italian GP

Haas F1 Team‘s Romain Grosjean has been excluded from the Italian Grand Prix after Renault Sport Formula One Team protested to the FIA over the VF-18’s floor.

Grosjean initially finished at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, helping Haas surpass Renault for fourth place in the constructors championship.

But Renault launched an protest to the FIA Stewards for the “legality of the Haas F1 Team VF-18”, relating to the floor of the car.

After evidence was shown by Renault, which included photographs of the floor in question and Haas, FIA’s Charlie Whiting confirmed the matter relating to the leaning edge of the floor did not meet the technical  regulations, prompting an Technical Delegate for inspection.

The statement from the Stewards said that Haas was notified to change the flooring of the car before the summer break in order to comply with the regulations. The ruling came back into force this weekend.

“Renault submitted that Art. 3.7.1.d of the Technical Regulations of the FIA Formula One World Championship state that a radius of 50mm (+/-2mm) must be applied to each front corner of the reference plane.  The text of this Article was being applied differently by several different teams, and a clarification was sought. As a result, TD/033-18 was issued on the 25th of July, 2018 – which, in essence gave the teams until the Grand Prix of Monza to comply with the clarification indicated in the TD,” said in the statement.

“Renault provided a picture that they claimed was of Car 8, which they stated shows that the part in question, at the start of the Grand Prix of Monza was not in compliance with art. 3.7.1.d of the FIA Formula One Technical Regulations, as clarified with the TD, and therefore they protested against the compliance of Car 8”

Haas had requested for the Singapore Grand Prix to make changes due to the summer break shutdown and some flexibility for Singapore for it’s suppliers on the matter.

The FIA confirmed the ruling by disqualifying the Haas of Grosjean, handing Renault back fourth place in the constructors’ championship.

As a result for Grosjean’s exclusion, Sergey Sirotkin scores his first F1 point with tenth place.

“The Stewards determined that, as per the Technical Delegate’s report, the car was not in compliance with Art. 3.7.1.d of the 2018 FIA Formula One Technical Regulations, as clarified by TD/033-18.

“As has been noted in previous decisions of the FIA International Court of Appeal, Technical Directives are advisory in nature, but they provide a manner in which a competitor may satisfy the Technical Delegates and the Stewards with proof that their car is compliant. In this case the Competitor did not follow the Technical Directive, and the outboard front corner of the car does not have the requisite 50mm radius.”

“While the Stewards are also sympathetic to the difficulties of producing these parts, the Stewards noted that at least one other competitor was able to comply in the time provided. Further, it was made clear to the competitor from the outset that the FIA Technical Department did not consider their car to be in compliance, and further that they left themselves open to the circumstances they now find. It was therefore the obligation of the competitor to be in compliance, which they did not do.

“The Stewards therefore find the Car to be in breach of the regulation Article 3.7.1.d of the 2018 FIA Technical Regulations as clarified in TD/033-18 and order that Car 8 be Disqualified from the results and that the classification be amended. The Stewards further order that the part in question be retained and sealed by the Technical Delegate until this decision is binding.”

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