Magnussen Feels Drivers Choosing To Qualify On Soft Tyres Will Have Advantage

by Aaron Gillard
Kevin Magnussen - Haas - Russia GP

Kevin Magnussen says there might be an advantage to qualify on one of the harder compounds Pirelli have selected for the Japanese Grand Prix.

Haas F1 Team come to the Suzuka International Racing Course seeking a points finish, as fellow competitors Renault Sport Formula One Team lie only 11 points away in the race for fourth place.

Magnussen scored the team’s only points in eighth place at the last round in Russia, whilst both Renault drivers struggled and finished down the order.

Suzuka will see F1’s tyre supplier Pirelli bring harder compound of tyres compare to Singapore and Russia, selecting the Supersoft, Soft and Medium tyres for the weekend in Japan.

The Dane thinks that the Supersoft tyres won’t be a good race tyre around the 3.6 mile circuit and claims there might be an advantage to cars if they choose to start on the Soft tyres for the race on Sunday.

“I don’t think it’s something we really pay that much attention to. I mean, we obviously pay attention to getting the tyres working, but there’s not one compound that is harder or easier than the other, so it doesn’t really matter for us,” said Magnussen

“It’s not really any worse because we’ve got harder tyres, so that compensates for that. Of course, when you’ve got that jump in compound as in the previous races, that qualifying tyre may not be very good for the race.

“There might be an advantage to qualifying on one of the harder compounds, which in Suzuka won’t be an issue. That’s the biggest difference.”

After the race in Japan, Haas will then look ahead to their home race at the United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of The Americas.

The American team has impressed in their third year in the sport under Magnussen and team-mate Romain Grosjean.

Magnussen hopes that the team can be as far as possible in Japan before the race in the USA.

“I want us to be as far forward as possible,” added Magnussen. “It’s a really cool race and I love being in America.

“I’m going there straight from Japan to have a bit of time off in America and to drive around. It’s definitely one of the highlights of the year.

“Being on an American team simply adds to the experience and makes it even more special.”

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