Magnussen Reckons Experience Has Played Strong Role In Haas’ Improvement

by Aaron Gillard
Kevin Magnussen - Haas - Japan

Kevin Magnussen feels Haas F1 Team has improved from their results from last year due to the team gaining and using experience in Formula 1.

The American team is currently competing in their third season in the sport and lie fifth overall in the constructors’ championship, only eight points away from fourth place Renault Sport Formula One Team.

In only their third year, Haas have made a jump through the field with the helping hand of Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen, who has been the team’s most consistent point scorer this year. Last year, Haas finished eighth with 47 points on the board. In 2018, the team are on course to double that amount with four races left.

The Dane feels that the main factor in Haas’ improvement compare to last year is the team gaining and using their experience, which has helped them able to understand the Pirelli tyres better this year.

“I think there are a couple of things that stand out this year. One of them is, obviously, just experience,” said Magnussen.

“The team has been growing every year. Everyone is using their experience better and better, while at the same time, gaining more experience. I also think the quality of our car, in terms of the actual build of our car, is much better. We’re better able to put the car on track that we intended to, and not have little errors or faults in production of the car.

“That quality is a lot better this year, and I think that contributes as well to the performance. Our tyre knowledge has improved a lot. In Formula One, Pirelli tires are very tricky, and our management and understanding has improved a lot this year. I would say those are the main things regarding our growth this year.”

With being Haas’ home race at the Circuit of the Americas, which hosts the United States Grand Prix, Magnussen says that racing with an American team on their home track provides extra motivation to do well and deliver a result.

“There’s absolutely an extra will, or motivation, to do well in the U.S.A. We always try our best. We’re always on maximum attack to get the best result possible. It just carries a bit more significance to get a good result in America and at our home track. America’s obviously not my home country, but you feel like it is racing there that weekend.”

The 3.6 mile circuit was first used in 2012 as the new home to F1 in the USA, having been away from the sport for four years. The track features corners copied from famous race tracks like Silverstone, Fuji Speedway, Istanbul Park and the Hockenheimring.

Magnussen says that the track is one of few new circuits that he enjoys a lot and claims it is a good track to race on with multiple overtaking spots for the drivers to use on Sunday.

“I would say COTA is one of the only new tracks that I really enjoy. Sector one there is incredible. There are also some good spots for overtaking and slipstreaming,” Magnussen added.

“I think it’s a really good compromise. Perhaps there’s still a bit too much runoff – a little too safe for my liking – but the layout of the track is great.

“COTA is a little bit better than most other circuits in that it doesn’t just have one place to overtake. That much is correct. It has a few places to overtake, not just the one or two that most tracks have. Some tracks don’t have any. COTA has a few places where you can line it up for a move. It’s a good track for racing.”

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