Olsbergs MSE to take World Rallycross Championship sabbatical in 2019

by Vince Pettit

Former FIA World Rallycross Championship title winners Olsbergs MSE have announced they will be taking a sabbatical from the 2019 World Championship to focus on other rallycross programmes.

With the projected switch to electric power in 2021, OMSE do no want to spend money on developing the current cars as manufacturer interest is low as they await the switch, which has already been delayed by a year. The delay was sited by Peugeot as they recently announced the end of their World RX programme too.

While OMSE will not be present as a full entry, they will be supporting customer programmes, offering cars for those wanting to take part in FIA European Rallycross Championship, Americas Rallycross Championship, RallyX Nordic, RX2 and ARX2 in 2019.

Along with this they will focus efforts on refining the ‘stability of Supercar regulations for the internal combustion engine formula’, plus cost savings for customers to be able to operate at a competitive level.

“Today’s decision is of course sad, but we have to do this for the company’s longer-term future as the cost to operate at a competitive level today in World RX is too high for us. “ said Olsbergs MSE CEO Andreas Eriksson.

“As a true manufacturer of rallycross cars as well as an operator of rallycross cars all over the world, we encourage everybody involved in this sport to look at the areas of stability and cost reduction in the current Supercar regulations, as well as the affordability and return on investment for running those cars for the next ten years.
“Our belief is that with sensible changes to the technical regulations, most of the current Supercars have a long future in the sport and this discipline can continue to grow in a healthy way – as can our company.
“We are also very much looking forward to the arrival of electric rallycross in 2021, and as such will put our efforts next year into securing a manufacturer partner ready for its introduction. We think the electric switch is important for the future of the sport – and for all the young drivers out there dreaming to be the best in the world.
“My job is to prepare our company, our partners and our drivers for the new electric interest, while at the same time understanding the importance of what we have built up over the last ten years in Olsbergs MSE’s young history.
“There are a lot of people and fans out there raising voices both for and against electric rallycross. I personally feel that combustion and electric can work hand-in-hand for many years to come – let’s face it, we all love different kinds of music at different concerts!”

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