James Baldwin Wins eROC Invitational And Entry To Race Of Champions in Mexico

by Aaron Gillard
ROC - Esports

James Baldwin won the eROC Individual event to earn a spot at the Race of Champions in Mexico City, beating Joni Tormala in the final.

The Renault Esports Champion beat Tormala in the final in two races, with the Red Bull Esports driver for the F1 Esports Series jumping the start in race one. The Finn attempted a fight back in race two, but came off short against the Brit who claimed victory and won the eROC Invitational event

Baldwin will now travel to Mexico City in January for the Ultimate eRace Of Champions World Final in a bid to win a spot in the “Sim Racing All Star Team” in the ROC Nations Cup alongside eROC 2018 champion Enzo Bonito. The winner will join an elite group of racing drivers such as Sebastian Vettel, Tom Kristensen, David Coulthard and Petter Solberg and will race against them during the tournament.

The eROC Invitational event saw 16 drivers from various Esports disciplines compete in a knockout format, with each round decided by a best of three.

The first round to feed into the first quarter-final showdowns started off with no decider race to take place, with Tormala, Salih Saltunc, Bence Bankl and Mitchell deJong winning their races. The second round saw Baldwin, Michal Smidl and Aurelien Mallet qualify into the quarter finals with a clean sweep, with the final race of the second round between Jason Tay and Arthur Lehouck going into a decider. Lehouck managed to beat Tay by 0.048 seconds to the line in the showdown race.

The first quarter-final race between Bankl and Tormala ended with Tormala clinching victory and a spot in the semi-finals by winning the first two races. deJong clinched the first race between him and Saltunc, but lost out to the AOR F1 champion in the second race which forced it into a decider. deJong managed to win the third race and to face against Tormala in the semi-finals.

Baldwin took an easy first win against Smidl when the Czech Haas F1 Esports driver made contact with the barrier during the first race. The Brit managed to win the second race and qualify for the semi-final match against Mallet, who blew out against Lehouck in the last quarter final race.

Tormala qualified for the final round and beating deJong in the first two semi-final races against the American driver in a closely fought battle. The last semi-final battle saw Baldwin take first blood against Mallet, but in the second race Mallet came back to win race two by 0.032 seconds, sending the pair into a deciding race which was won by Baldwin, earning a spot in the final against Tormala.

The final, which would decide a place at the Race of Champions started with Tormala jumping the start, handing a win to Baldwin. The second race saw Baldwin take a win ahead of the Finnish driver to win the eROC Invitational and secure his chance to compete at the Race of Champions.

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