Loopholes In 2019 Regulations Unlikely – Paddy Lowe

by Craig Edwards
Paddy Lowe - Williams Racing

The chances of anyone finding any loopholes in the 2019 FIA Formula 1 World Championship regulations are unlikely says Williams Racing’s Paddy Lowe.

The 2019 season has seen a change in the regulations as the sport tries to increase the amount of overtaking to help improve the show for fans.

Changes to the cars include the front and rear wings but Lowe says teams have been open about their plans in order to avoid any loopholes, such as the 2009 double diffuser that created controversy.

The teams have been quite ready and open. At least some of them, to put stuff on the table that’s then been heavily constrained. The regulations are very restrictive.

“I hope it’s the case for everybody else, but we’re struggling to find a lot of performance out of these front wings.”

Previous years has seen team arrive in Australia debating the legality of some of their rivals and Lowe is hoping these new changes don’t cause arguments come the opening round.

“I think generally the teams are of a mindset that they want clarity, and not to have a lot of arguments when we turn up in Australia over poorly defined aspects of the regs.

“With that spirit, everybody has been quite enthusiastic to define things in more and more specific details so everybody knows what they’re working with.”

Racing Point F1 Team technical director Andrew Green said to Motosport.com that he agreed with Lowe’s comments and is hopeful that no-one is able to make a big gain over the winter.

“Hopefully that is a set of regulations that everyone can work with.

“And there’s not a huge loophole.” Said Green. “There might be little ones in there, hopefully there’s not anything massive that people can dive into.

“It just goes to show how difficult is to write a set of regulations that are tied to a specific [aerodynamic] geometry.

“The tighter you make the regulation, the longer the regulation becomes.

“You just give people a box to work in, it’s a very simple regulation, but everybody comes up with incredibly complicated solutions.

“One of the reasons why it has changed is to try get rid of those complicated solutions.

“So, it’s an incredibly complicated set of regulations to have an end result of an incredibly simple set of geometry.”

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