Newly Launched Mercedes 2019 Car Began Life At The End Of 2017 Season

by Aaron Gillard
Mercedes - W10 - Silverstone

Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport‘s Technical Director James Allison says the recently launched W10 has been a project in construction since the end of the 2017 Formula 1 season.

The reigning champions revealed their 2019 challenger online ahead of their shakedown test at Silverstone, where both Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton will drive the car for the first time.

This will be Mercedes’ tenth car in F1 since their return to the sport in 2010, and will be the car will hoping to bring back a sixth title for the ‘silver arrows’.

The W10 has been a project long in development ahead of the 2019 season, with Mercedes’ Technical Director James Allison explaining that the principals of the 2019 car began way back in the 2017 season.

“Work on the W10 project began at the end of 2017,” said Allison. “That’s when the first meetings happened about how the chassis was going to be laid out, how the Power Unit was going to change from the previous season and what our rough objectives were for the project.

“That was when we set out the plans for our deployment of resources, developing and racing the car in 2018 and the right number of the right people to design, conceive and then create the new car for 2019.” 

Mercedes have spent majority of the winter testing and developing their new power-unit, which will be fitted onto the W10 for the first time.

With the first fire-up of the engine taken place, Allison said that the first firing has a sense of emotion to it.

“You’ve had a factory which had fallen silent for a few weeks, from the end of the last season to this moment, where an engine leaps into life in the factory again,” Allison added.

“Even if you’re not down in the build shop, you can hear it, so is has a certain emotional impact on us because a motor is running and it is the living proof that all those components are not only assembled but they function.

“At the same time, you know that you’re only about half way there through the about 90 planned test events.” 

Mercedes’  Managing Director of Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains, Andy Cowell added that the formation of the new power-unit is something that is part of the mechanics’ and everyone working at Mercedes’ lives, adding a personal touch to it.

“There are hours and hours that go into each piece, each assembly, each system, each full element and then the final Power Unit,” said Cowell.

“It is a huge moment when the Power Unit bursts into life and those countless hours are rewarded with fuel being converted into useful work. Yes, it is a machine, but it is part of people’s lives and it’s personal.” 

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