Ricciardo On The Upcoming Netflix F1 Documentary: “They Do Love The Drama”

by Aaron Gillard
Ricciardo Renault - Test 2019

Daniel Ricciardo has spoken about the upcoming Netflix Formula 1 documentary series, saying that the show will open doors to new viewers and help the attraction of F1 globally.

Prior to the start of the 2019 season, Formula 1’s first ever Netflix documentary of last year’s championship will be released, showcasing and following the whole 2018 FIA Formula 1 World Championship. The series will be a ten-part documentary titled: ‘Formula 1: Drive To Survive’ and will focus some of the drivers and their journeys throughout the season. Before the shows’ release, both Mercedes AMG and Scuderia Ferrari have revealed they will not be heavily featured in the documentary.

One of the drivers that will be highlighted throughout the series is Daniel Ricciardo, who went through a high to low season after a dream start to the year winning both the Chinese and Monaco Grand Prix. But the Australian’s season began to drastically change with multiple retirements towards the end his tenure with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing.

The now Renault F1 Team driver spoke about the upcoming series, saying that the camera crew filming the intense and personal moments behind the scenes were respectful and didn’t push beyond their terms.

“I mean touching on like the camera crew and whenever there’s, let’s say people getting more personal information about you or being a fly on the wall, coming out to Perth or into your apartment in Monaco and actually seeing your surroundings, you want to be comfortable with the people behind the camera and running the projects,” said Ricciardo.

“That was the first thing I really thought that was real respectful. Never pushed, it was always on our terms which was good. I think that was important if you get on with the people behind it.”

The documentary is set to launch on March 8th on Netflix, a week before the 2019 Australian Grand Prix commences. Trailers of the episodes have been released online and early glimpses of the series were shown to the media during pre-season testing in Barcelona. A second series is expected to be produced with filming taking place during testing.

Ricciardo has seen early footage of the show at the end of the last year and was impressed by the production being done, adding that the show will be great for the sport globally.

“I’ve seen a little bit of it. I saw it at the end of the last year, so it wasn’t like the final so I don’t know how much has changed. But I mean the production I guess of it and the impact,” commented Ricciardo.

“I watched it in their studios on a big screen, it was cool. I would definitely encourage people not to watch it on their iPhones but watch it on a proper screen. I’m curious to know how its going to turn out.

“It is weird seeing yourself on camera like, yeah I obviously see myself behind a wheel of a car. But you always sound different when you hear yourself talk.

“But I think its going to be cool, I think just generally not just for me but for F1. I think to have more of presence like that to someone in a small town in the States or in somewhere, wherever they are in the world can watch it and get an actual understanding a bit more about the sport. I think that’s really good for just F1 globally.”

The first trailer of the series focuses on the pairing of Ricciardo and former Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen, mainly on their confrontation at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix when the two drivers crashed into each other.

Ricciardo openly said that the title of the series could of been different and that the show producers ‘love’ the drama surrounding the sport.

“They love the drama though. They do love the drama. The title is a bit [shakes hand], but that’s just. Trying to Survive, is it? It’s a bit in-dunce but yeah, its TV isn’t it. 

“What would I call it? F1. Oh, copyright. I don’t know. Live Fast.”

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