First Gameplay Footage of Codemasters’ F1 2019 Game Revealed

by Aaron Gillard
F1 2019 - Albon - Toro Rosso

First gameplay footage of Codemasters StudiosF1 2019 have been unveiled, showcasing the new FIA Formula 2 mode, graphics and TV-style like HUD.

F1 2019 is set to become the earliest title released by an F1 game, with the game set to be released on the 28th June on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The new game will feature new additions from its previous game, F1 2018, including the introduction of Formula 2, more classic cars and a new career mode.

The gameplay of F1 2019 has drastically change, with a brand new engine and lighting system giving the game more detail. Fans have heavily praised the early footage of the new game, comparing the graphics to real-life.

With over a month until the launch of the game, Codemasters invited a selected number of YouTubers to film footage of F1 2019, showcasing the game from actual playtime, rather than replay angles from before.

F1 YouTuber superstars Tiametmarduk, Aarava and GameRiot filmed gameplay of the new F1 game at Codemasters’ studio in Birmingham and released their footage at 2PM UK Time, showcasing various different features, cars and tracks that will be included into the game. More gameplay is set to come out leading up to the release of the game.

Australian YouTuber Tiametmarduk, commonly known as Ben Daly, tried out the Paul Ricard circuit with Daniel Ricciardo in the Renault F1 car. During the video, he discussed on the game how it is easier to lock your tyres and how the behavior of the car changes when it attacks the kerbs.

As seen in the video, Daly attacked the kerb in the run towards the back straight, sending his car into the barrier. In previous F1 titles, players can get away with attacking the kerbs, and might feel loose at the rear at best if they attack the kerb too much.

Aarava tried out the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, which has gone under changes compare to last year’s game to make it more real-life. In his video, Aarava used Charles Leclerc in the Scuderia Ferrari. The car in the video is the 2019 spec-car that Codemasters have made with the partnership of Ross Brawn and his engineering team in F1.

The 2019 spec-cars are being used whilst the developers continue to build the actual 2019 cars in preparation for launch. The car will be available in multiplayer and players can create their own liveries with that car in the game. As well as the liveries, players can create their own helmet, gloves and race suit design alongside the car.

As well as the gameplay, new graphics are presented with the in-game HUD now like what viewers will see on TV, giving that authentic F1 presentation to the F1 that has been lacking in previous titles.

For the first time in an F1 game, FIA Formula 2 will be included in an F1 game. The support series to F1 will feature all of the official F2 drivers, teams, tracks, car and rules from both 2018 and 2019 season. The 2018 season will be available from release, with the 2019 season released via a downloadable update.

F2 will be integrated into the career mode of F1 2019, but not the full season. As part of the shake-up with the new game, F2 will act as a benchmark for F1 where you get picked up by F1 academies and encounter two rivals you will meet during your career mode. A full F2 season can be played in Grand Prix and Championship mode.

The gameplay from GameRiot showcases the first piece of action games will get with the F2 cars, with the British YouTuber playing as 2018 F2 champion George Russell in the streets of Monte-Carlo.

During the gameplay, we get glimpse of the new F2 avatars based on the real-life drivers from that season. Additionally, we also hear audio commentary from F2 commentators Alex Jacques and Davide Valsecchi. Commentators David Croft and Anthony Davidson cover the F1 side of the game.

F1 2019 is anticipated to be the best F1 game to date with the new modes and content that is set to come on June 28th. Both Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna will be featured in the Legend Edition of F1 2019, which include both legends 1990 season cars, their own livery players can use in multiplayer and several challenges involving the two drivers.

More news is set to be announced leading up to the release of the game.

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