Vettel Calls For F1 Rules To Be Simplified ‘On Two A4 Sheets’

by Aaron Gillard
Vettel - Ferrari - Media

Scuderia Ferrari‘s Sebastian Vettel wants the rules within Formula 1 to be simplified, after the sport has come under fire recently regarding its decisions for penalties and on track action.

The rules relating to racing within the current regulations by the FIA have become complexed, which was noted after the Canadian Grand Prix, when Vettel lost his race win to Lewis Hamilton by being handed a five-second time penalty for leaving the track and re-joining in an dangerous matter.

The controversial penalty was heavily criticsed by pundits, journalists and fans for ruining a close battle between Vettel and Hamilton, and for punishing the German unfairly when he lost control when returning the track due to running over the grass between Turn 3 and 4.

Ferrari requested a right to review to the FIA relating to the penalty, but the race stewards disagreed as the Italian team felt they didn’t bring any significant and new evidence to the table. The evidence Ferrari brought included a video of Sky Sports F1‘s pundit Karun Chandhok explaining the incident.

When speaking to Austrian TV channel Servus TV, Vettel said that the rules need to be simplified to allow more room to maneuver. The German also questions what does F1 want to achieve with its product.

“If the rules were on two A4 pages, there would be a lot more room for maneuver,” said Vettel.

“Somehow, Formula 1 needs to think and sort itself out. What does it want to achieve?

“Does it want this complexity? Does it want to keep the technology at a standard that is so far away, so intangible, so advanced? Or is it committed to entertainment, to sport?”

The sport and the rules were put in question again at the Austrian Grand Prix, when Max Verstappen passed then race leader Charles Leclerc on Lap 69. The Dutch driver took the lead of the race and eventually the win, but the move he made on Leclerc forced him off the circuit.

The race stewards investigated the latter after the race, with a decision made three hours after the chequered flag had dropped at the Red Bull Ring. They deemed it as a racing incident, which raised questions over the maneuver the Red Bull Racing driver made that saw the Ferrari driver go off the track.

The four-time world champion states if F1 continues on the current path they’re doing, the drivers will not be needed, believing that the removal of the driver will not produce much entertainment value.

“If you look at mobility and where it’s going, the driver will eventually be replaced in the next few decades,” continued Vettel.

“But I don’t think that has a lot of entertainment value.”

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