Mexico Set To Stay In Formula 1 With New Contract

by Aaron Gillard
Mexico - Perez - Racing Point

The Mexican Grand Prix is set to stay in Formula 1 as the promoters of the race announced that a new deal is set to be signed.

The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez‘s current deal to host a race expires this year, being one of three races on the current calendar whose contract runs out in 2019. The German and Spanish Grand Prix are also set to expire.

The future of the Grand Prix was placed unknown in February of this year when the Mexican Government cut its funding for the race. The organisers also missed the initial deadline to renew its deal to continue hosting the race.

However, recent months has seen development between the organisers and F1’s owners Liberty Media into negotiating a brand new deal to resume hosting an F1 race. Mexican and Racing Point driver Sergio Pérez said the deal is looking positive.

The official Twitter account of the Mexican Grand Prix posted a video from Mexico City Mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum. The tweet translated from Spanish saying ‘Mexico City will follow from #F1ESTA! Thank you for being the best hobby on the planet. Stay very attentive to our social networks tomorrow to know all the details.’

Sheinbaum says in the video that she brings positive news to the future of the Mexican Grand Prix, confirming that the sport will travel to the Mexican capital in the near future, but details have not been finalised yet as FIA President Jean Todt won’t sign until Thursday 8th August.

“I want to share some good news that I just received. Formula 1 is staying in Mexico City. The FIA president is going to be here tomorrow to sign it. This is good news for the city,”

“I also want to tell you that this is thanks to a group of businessmen who made this possible because this time the city is not using any public funds. It’s good news for the city. It brings tourism, it brings income, and it’s also good for the country.”

With Mexico set to stay on the calendar for 2020 and the potential for the Spanish Grand Prix to be secured, with the Catalan Government planning to back the event, the F1 calendar for 2020 could become a 22-race calendar.

Formula 1 has never hosted a 22 race season and will be the most Grands Prix ever contested in a season, but this will only be possible if the teams fully agree to allow the owners to extend the calendar from its 21 race calendar.

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