W Series: How Jamie Chadwick Or Beitske Visser Can Become Champion?

by Aaron Gillard
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Brands Hatch will mark the final round of the 2019 W Series, with the championship undecided between two drivers: Jamie Chadwick and Beitske Visser.

The two female drivers have been battling throughout the six-round inaugural season of the first all-female championship, with one round left to decide its first champion.

The setting is Brands Hatch, where the series will support DTM one final time this year. The Kent-based circuit will also mark Chadwick’s home race, as well as fellow Brits Alice Powell, Esmee Hawkey, Jessica Hawkins and Sarah Moore.

Sunday’s last race will decide which out of Chadwick or Visser will leave as the champion. Chadwick currently leads with 98 points to her name, but Visser with 85 points is only 13 away from the Brit. Chadwick has claimed two wins so far and has appeared on the podium in every championship race this year.

Visser has only claimed one victory and three podium appearances in 2019, but still has a mathematical chance of winning the title.

Whilst Chadwick’s lead of 13 points over Visser may seem large, there are multiple scenarios that can change the order and clinch the title for either Chadwick or Visser. Here’s how either of them can win it.

How Jamie Chadwick Can Win The W Series:

Credit: W Series

Chadwick leads the series with 98 points on the board and has five podium finishes to her name. She arrives into the final round with home field advantage.

The now Williams Racing F1 test and development driver has previously raced at Brands Hatch before and won in last year’s British Formula 3 race. So she has hands on knowledge on racing around the track in a single-seater.

Chadwick has a pretty simple objective to win the title – stay ahead of Visser. She is guaranteed to finish in the top two of the championship and will automatically qualify for next year’s W Series by finishing in the top twelve.

  • Chadwick becomes champion if she finishes ahead of Visser – regardless of position
  • Chadwick will become champion if she finishes on the podium

If Chadwick finds herself behind Visser in the race, all she needs to do is stay in a position within a 13 point radius. A podium finish would automatically seal the crown for Chadwick.

How Beitske Visser Can Win The W Series:

Credit: W Series

For Visser, her task is more complicated than Chadwick’s in a bid to seal the W Series championship.

The Dutch driver has three podiums and one win, coming at Zolder in the second round of the series. Visser has raced around Brands Hatch before, but only in GT cars recently, so single-seaters around the Grand Prix circuit will be a new experience.

With a 13 point deficit to climb, Visser needs to win or finish on the podium and finish ahead of Chadwick in the race on Sunday, but also needs some luck in order to overcome the deficit. If Chadwick gets a podium, it is championship over for the Dutch driver.

  • Visser can become champion if she wins the race and Chadwick finishes fourth or lower
  • Visser can become champion if she finishes second and Chadwick finishes eighth or lower
  • Visser can become champion if she finishes third and Chadwick finishes in tenth or lower

Regardless on who wins on Sunday, Brands Hatch will conclude an epic opening season of the W Series, being the first of its kind and introducing a new style of ‘spec-series’ into Motorsport.

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