Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto: “The team managed the situation, the strategy and the pit stops very well”

by Paul Hensby

Mattia Binotto was delighted after seeing his Scuderia Ferrari outfit finish first and second in the Singapore Grand Prix, with Sebastian Vettel finally securing his first win of the season at the fifteenth time of asking.

Vettel jumped team-mate Charles Leclerc during the pit stop cycle, making the undercut work superbly, but for Ferrari, the result at the Marina Bay Street Circuit was more than they were expecting, but also very important as it proves their aerodynamic updates are working on all types of track after consecutive victories for Leclerc in both Belgium and Italy.

“The 1-2 today is very important to us because we achieved it in a different scenario, on a very different type of circuit to Spa-Francorchamps or Monza,” said Binotto.  “The team managed the situation, the strategy and the pit stops very well.

“The aero update we brought here worked well and, combined with our drivers’ confidence around here and the tyres, that we managed to get to work properly, we actually got more than we expected today.”

Binotto revealed Ferrari needed to bring in Vettel when they did to protect him from being passed in the pits by Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen, and it just happened that his out lap was sufficiently fast enough not only to keep the Dutchman behind him but also jump ahead of team-mate Leclerc.

He felt the undercut was just a part of racing but there was no malice intended towards Leclerc, and all in all, everyone at Ferrari is delighted with the one-two result.

“Well done to Seb, he deserved to win!” insisted Binotto.  “We had to bring him in first, to protect his position because Max Verstappen was about to pit and that was Seb’s best chance to overtake Hamilton.

“Also, we knew that on the following lap we would have pitted Charles, so it was important not to stop both the drivers on the same lap. The undercut was very effective. Seb drove very fast and very well on new tyres in that part of the race and gained the position to go ahead of Charles, which is part of racing.

“For his part, after the spectacular qualifying yesterday, Charles had a solid and consistent race.
The car is good and is constantly improving and the team is working and reacting well. There’s no doubt about it, we are all very happy with this victory.”

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