Magnussen Would Welcome More Street Circuits onto Formula 1 Calendar

by Paul Hensby

Kevin Magnussen says he would welcome more street circuits onto the Formula 1 schedule, with the Dane finding them an exciting challenge where there is very little margin for error on every lap.

The Haas F1 Team driver holds the lap record of the Marina Bay Street Circuit having set the fastest lap of the Singapore Grand Prix in 2018, although his twice-lapped eighteenth-place finish was not what he was hoping for.

Never-the-less, Magnussen would approve any move to bring more street circuits on the calendar, as he feels the challenge they possess is like no other.

“I think, generally, the margin for error is lower at any street circuit. I personally love street circuits,” said Magnussen.  “I’d welcome a lot more street circuits on the calendar.

“I think they’re more exciting and more challenging, as well, because the margin for error is smaller.” 

Magnussen says it is a cool experience to race under the lights in Singapore, although from the cockpit, it does not seem as different as it does from outside where it is generally accepted to be a more spectacular experience for spectators both trackside and on television.

“I think it’s pretty cool racing at night,” said the Dane.  “The light makes the cars look shinier, brighter. It looks cool on the television.

“From the cockpit though, it doesn’t seem that different. The track is actually more lit up than a day race because there’s no shadows.”

Magnussen says Singapore is traditionally the most physically demanding race of the season for a number of different reasons, with the heat and humidity playing a big part in proceedings, even at night.  He also acknowledges that it is a mentally exhausting, almost two-hour event that requires complete concentration throughout.

“It’s really a physical race for a few different reasons,” said Magnussen.  “One, it’s really hot. Two, you don’t ever really get any rest on the lap. You’re constantly working the steering wheel. There’s not a lot of straight line on the track.

“Three, because the average speed of a lap is so low, the race usually goes to the two-hour time limit. It’s the most physically demanding race of the year. As for preparation, I just do my normal thing with my fitness training.

“It is mentally exhausting. You need to be fully focused the whole time – maybe even more than a normal race – because you’re constantly in a corner around the lap. Just with it being more physically demanding, it’s more mentally demanding. They go hand-in-hand. It’s a tough race, for sure.”  

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