McLaren round out 2019 with positive Abu Dhabi test

by Ellie Jane

McLaren F1 Team had a promising 2019 Abu Dhabi Post Season Tyre Test at the Yas Marina circuit. The test began on Tuesday after the final race of the 2019 FIA Formula 1 Championship ended, the first day saw Lando Norris in the MCL34 and teammate Carlos Sainz Jr. step into the car the following day.

Norris found himself in sixth by the end of the first day of testing the Pirelli tyres. He completed a total of one hundred and twenty-five laps in his car, with his fastest time being 1:39.741s.

Norris spoke on his time in testing, explaining that throughout the test he was trying different tyres, as the new compounds from Pirelli for 2020 were tried out.

It’s a Pirelli test so obviously we’ve been trying out lots of tyres today, 2019 and 2020 compounds, and conducting back-to-back comparisons. Short performance runs but also long runs without changing anything on the car so that tyres can be compared.

Norris, went on to say his opinion on the first day of testing, saying he was happy with what he had been able to do at Yas Marina, as additionally, he was able to complete things in which he had not done before.

But it was also a good day for me to explore different driving styles and techniques. Overall, it’s been a productive day with good mileage achieved and with both the team and I learning a lot. Carlos takes over tomorrow so another opportunity for data gathering for next year.

Credit: Octane Photos

Sainz took over for the second day of testing in Abu Dhabi. He found himself taking fifth place on the second day with the fastest time of his, being a 1:38.729 and completing, also, a large sum of laps as he completed one hundred and twelve laps.

Sainz felt he had done a good job for the team and was able to see the jump McLaren have made since last year.

Another good day of testing. I obviously have good memories from the 2018 Abu Dhabi test when I jumped into a McLaren for the first time.

Also, testing again this year has given me a chance to compare and feel the progress we’ve made since last season. But apart from that, the test day itself ran smoothly trying the Pirelli compounds.

In general, I’m pleased and happy with how everything went. A big, big thank you to the mechanics and the team for the effort that they’ve put in during testing with all the long hours. It was great to sign off the 2019 season with 112 laps and a lot of data for next season.

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