TCF Friends and Partners

by Vince Pettit

Edge Sporting Managment –

Specialising in nurturing, guiding and mentoring the next batch of professional racing drivers as they progress up the motor racing ladder. Whether you are making the transition from karts to cars, or simply are a gentleman driver, EDGE will develop and evolve you as a racing driver with their first class driver management. Let them take the strain of negotiating drives, fitness programs, team placement, and travel logistics, leaving you to grow as a driver. EDGE think laterally, and not simply follow the crowd, enabling your budget to go further.

Octane Photographic Ltd –

Craig and Leanne Boon are the directors of Octane Photographic Ltd (and also a husband and wife team since December 2013).  Following a meeting at the start of 2010 they decided to combine their passion for motor sports and photography, and Octane Photographic was born. Octane Photographic Ltd. is now an independent, UK registered, motorsport photography agency supplying images, articles and event reviews to local, national and international media outlets both in print and online.

From its birth in 2010 the company has gone from strength to strength, having covered many different championships from national to international levels. They now specialise in single seater formulae through all levels of experience from Formula Ford, F4, F3, GP3, GP2, WSR up to the pinacle of Formula One.

The Image Team –

The Image Team offers media relations and photographic services centered on the motorsport and automotive sectors.

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