Bridgestone Announce Tyre Compounds For Hockenheim

The Formula 1 tyre supplier Bridgestone have announced the tyre allocations for the five races from the German Grand Prix on July 25th through to the night event in Singapore on September 26th.

The company have decided on a two compound gap for the German Grand Prix, rather than just missing one compound in the series as in all the other races so far. For the race in Hockenheim, the teams will be forced to switch between the super soft compound and the hard compound.

For the Hungary and Singapore races, Bridgestone will be bringing the super soft and medium tyre combination, and around Spa and Monza the soft and hard tyres will be on show.

“The characteristics of the Hockenheim circuit allow us to bring the compounds from the extremes of our softness range,” explains Hirohide Hamashima, Bridgestone Head of Motorsport Tyre Development. “This will give us very good data for evaluation and will be interesting for those who have called for a bigger difference between the allocated tyres.

“The Hungaroring requires a softer allocation as finding grip is always a target there. Spa and Monza are high speed tests for cars and tyres, needing a harder allocation because of the heat durability requirements. Singapore is a high-speed street course where the softer allocation is suited.”

Bridgestone had already announced the compounds for the next two grand prix: On the street circuit of Valencia the super soft and medium compounds will be used, and around Silverstone the soft and hard tyres will be provided.