Jousse Takes Three Wins As Williams Gets Airbourne

Maxime Jousse had a mixed weekend at Snetterton as he took three out of four victories over the course of the first four-race event for the Formula Palmer Audi series but received an official reprimand for his part in Jordan Williams spectacular accident .

The first race of the weekend was dominated by Jordan Williams who took his first ever single seater victory followed by former sports car racer Nigel Moore, Jousse would have to settle for third place this time.

Race two would be a different matter, on the opening lap Williams was looking to make up lost time after being passed by Jousse on the start. As he chased second place along the Revett straight he used his boost button to close the gap; Jousse missed a gear at this point and made a desperate attempt to block Williams, moving over into the path of the 19-year-old. The huge speed differential left Williams nowhere to go other than in the back of Jousse’s car., which resulted in Williams being catapulted in to the air, in a similar to the accident to those seen in Valencia this weekend. The car would somersault five times and pass over the safety barrier, finally coming to rest on the banking near the bridge. Thankfully Williams would walk away from the incident unharmed.

See below for a video of the incident:

Jousse would take victory in the restarted second race followed by Moore who had finished on the podium in every race this season and Spaniard Ramon Pineiro.

The third race of the weekend would see Moore lose his podium run after being passed by Melroy Heemskerk and Jose Alonso Liste in the early stages, the fight for positions leaving Jousse out in front for his second win of the weekend.

Moore would have his first DNF of the season in the fourth and final race of the weekend after spinning out of second place at Riches corner in the early stages of the race. Despite continuing he was forced to retire from the race as a result of the damage sustained in the accident.

The podium for the fourth race would be the same as the previous race with Jousse leading home Heemskerk and Alonso Liste.

“It was a great weekend for me.” commented Maxime Jousse. “I wanted to finish each race on the podium, which would have been good for the championship, but to take three wins is fantastic. This championship is about being consistent and I feel that I am doing that.”

The three wins and Moore’s DNF means that Jousse now leads the championship by thirty nine points. Just five points cover third through to fifth in the standings.

The next round of the Formula Palmer Audi Championship takes place at Oulton Park on 24 July.

  • David Williams

    Mr Pettit’s lead report makes it sound as if Jordan Williams was at fault. He can’t have seen the video from the fourth car of Pinero.
    Perhaps if he does he may wish to re-write the story to record a true account of the incident.
    If the sports’ regulating federation fail to stop driving of this nature there will be fatalities on our British circuits. Fortunately this did not happen on Saturday.
    But your ‘glowing’ report of the main protagonist will only ensure that what he thinks, – that he can get away with anything, is correct.
    If Mr Jousse is allowed to take-out his rivals in this way he most certainly will win the FPA Championship, because there will be no other drivers left in it!
    Perhaps someone can also answer this question. If Jousse was allowed to take part in the re-run of the stopped race. Given his car was repaired in the pit lane, why did he not join the race from the pit lane? FPA should read the rules. Or is it these rules do not apply to the ‘chosen one’?

  • Jim B

    Looks to me like a racing accident, a violent one at that. Every driver should be able to defend his position and unfortunately the nature of open-wheeled racing will see accidents like this.

  • Al T

    not strictly accurate Jim… if you visit the FPA official site – there seems to have been a reprimand over this – slightly more than a defensive move… quote from site:

    ‘As Williams went to the inside to overtake, however, Jousse can be seen to move across the young Briton’s path, with Williams’ car unavoidably hitting Jousse’s rear and becoming airborne’

  • Apologies to David, at the time of writing no further information was made available to me, I have since seen the official report and various other angles and have re-written part of the report.

  • Matt

    Reminds me of the Kovalianen/Webber incident at Valencia… something needs to be done to improve the safety of drivers.

    How long will it be until a driver is seriously injured in an incident like this?