Pastrana Takes Gold In Opening Moto X Freestyle Event

Travis Pastrana took his seventh Moto X Freestyle gold medal on Thrusday night at the Los Angeles Coliseum as X Games 16 got under way.

There were rumours that Pastrana would be unleashing his double back flip, which he performed in 2006 during the best trick competition. However, Pastrana’s performance was so good the trick wasn’t needed.

Pastrana was performing well straight out of the box as he took the lead on the first of his three runs with stock tricks like nac nac back flip and an Indian air back flip.

The X Games legend would the show his true form after performing back flips off the smallest of jumps along with using the wallride higher than any of his fellow competitors.

The double back flip would make an appearance though as he celebrated his win. “That was for the fans,” exclaimed Pastrana.

The only other rider to ever be in contention for the Gold medal was New Zealander Levi Sherwood, who on his second run came within two points of Pastrana. Ultimately though the Maryland born rider was out of reach and would take his seventh Freestyle Moto X Gold.

On the third and final run Pastrana headed out to have some fun performing his trademark double back flip to perfection with the crowd roaring with excitement and appreciation.

Despite Pastrana pulling out of Friday’s Moto X Best Trick he is still due to take part in a further three events including the brand new Super Rally event.

“This wasn’t the one I expected to win,” Pastrana said as his X Games medal tally reached sixteen.