Force India Ordered To Pay Aerolab Compensation

by David Bean

Force India have been issued with an order demanding payment to former partner company Aerolab by a court in London.

The team are compelled to pay 1,074,730, plus a further 8% in damages, over unpaid fees for service rendered by Aerolab to Force India.

Force India launched legal action against Aerolab earlier this year, after the team suspected Lotus of benefitting from their intellectual property while using the services of the company.

It is expected that Aerolab's Director, Mr Jean Claude Migeot, will soon be charged pursuant to a criminal complaint filed in Bologna. In a statement, Aerolab said it is confident in the positive outcome of all judicial matters in this affair.

The company added in their statement that they expect Vijay Mallya’s Formula 1 team to try and force them into a settlement. However, Aerolab have no intention of accepting.

Aerolab also suspect that, at Monza in September, when Force India’s assets will be under Italian jurisdiction, further exchanges between the two parties could take place.

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