BRC Bonus Points Amendment

MSA British Rally Championship


The MSA British Rally Championship has been obliged to make a change to its regulations regarding stage-based bonus points.

As reporting by The Checkered Flag at the weekend, the organisers of championship were going to implement a bonus points scheme, where drivers picked up one point per stage win. However this contravenes the Motor Sport Association (MSA) regulation 40.1.5, which states:

“There must be no awards for Competitors who equal or improve upon the time schedules for any sections, nor for the fastest times or fewest penalties on any sections.”

Therefore the BRC have had to withdraw the scheme, with paragraph three of the BRC regulation 5.3.1 no longer valid/

Championship Manager Mark Taylor said: “We offer our apologies to the MSA and to any competitor who may be inconvenienced by this change in the regulations. The error is down to us and due to an oversight following an exchange of emails between the championship and the MSA.”