Williams Garage Gutted By Fire

The Williams Garage Was Gutted By A Huge Fire After The Spanish Grand Prix


Williams' victory celebrations in Spain have been marred by a huge fire in their garage at the Circuit De Catalunya.

Around an hour and a half after Pastor Maldonado crossed the line for the team's first win since 2004, an explosion in the team's garage started a large fire, which engulfed the front and the rear of the pit garages in thick black smoke.

Williams team personnel and members of other teams in the pitlane raced to put out the flames, with the fire stopped soon after. It's currently unclear as to what started the fire, though it's believed it started from an electrical problem near the fuel area of the garage.

The explosion came whilst Sir Frank Williams was giving a speech to the team in the garage, with everyone quickly evacuated from the garage and then from the pitlane soon after, the scene getting taken over by the local police and fire crews.

Four members of the Williams team, four members of the Caterham team and one Force India mechanic were taken to the medical centre after the incident.  A statement from the Caterham team said that three were suffering with respiratory issues and one with a minor hand injury, while Force India COO Otmar Szafnauer told Sky Sports that their colleague suffered smoke inhalation.

Smoke Covered The Pitlane After The Fire