Ex WRC Privateer offers rallying fans the chance of a lifetime

Former World Rally driver Anthony Warmbold is offering rallying supporters around the world the chance be his co-driver in what is the first ever fan co-driver selection program. By pledging to the non-profit project on crowdfunding platform, www.thrillpledge.com, anybody could be his navigator in a planned competitive rally in Finland.

The German, who competed in the FIA World Rally Championship as a privateer between 2003 and 2005, is specifically offering fans the chance to become his co-driver for one national Finnish rally championship onboard a BMW 325i Group F rally car.

Crowdfunding is about raising the funds to enable something to happen,” explained David Tomlinson, founder of sports crowdfunding platform, ThrillPledge.com “but rewards based initiatives have the ability to offer something extra. We’re thrilled to be working with Antony to not only enable him to race again, but also to give rally fans the experience of a lifetime.”

Anybody who wishes to enter the process will have to write a short e-mail explaining why he/she would be an ideal candidate. The minimum donation amount is €10 and that entitles people to enter the selection competition.

Upon reaching the target amount of €21,000, eight candidates will be selected. The selectees will hold video conferences with Warmbold who will introduce them to the project. At the end of the video conference sessions he will select three candidates.

The final candidates will meet at a rallying facility in Finland where they will be introduced to the co-driver’s job in real-world exercises. The best of the three will be selected after the training has ended and the winner will participate together with Antony in a national event.

The German’s planned event is the Itäralli Joensuu on the 13th of June.