Low downforce regulations ‘could be dropped’

The Formula Renault 3.5 Series could drop its mandatory Low Downforce (LDF) set-up for the Saturday races after a vote was called during the Spa-Francorchamps round amongst the drivers.

Brazilian driver Pietro Fantin crashed hard during the collective test session whilst running LDF, running off track just before Blanchimont at a corner that can be run flat out using high or normal levels of downforce.

The crash was so hard that the wishbone of Fantin’s International Draco Racing machine broke through into the leg area of the safety cell of his car, narrowly missing his legs.

“A lot of people have complained about the LDF [low downforce] for a while and nothing seemed to change,” said Fantin. “Today, I had a big crash in low downforce in a corner that is flat with HDF, or the normal configuration, and with LDF was always at the limit.

“On the lap I completely lost aero-load because of the low wing, then I had a big crash. I showed them a picture of a wishbone that went through the cockpit and in between my legs, then a video showing that I didn’t hit any kerbs.

“Most of the drivers started saying the same thing, that it increases the danger and expense. It doesn’t allow more overtaking.”

Although LDF could be dropped for future rounds, it will remain in force for this weekend’s Saturday race at Spa-Francorchamps.