Ralph Boschung: “I feel proud to drive for a Swiss team as a Swiss driver”

Ralph Boschung will be making his GP3 Series debut this weekend at the Circuit de Catalunya having joined the Jenzer Motorsport team having spent two years in the ADAC Formel Masters championship in Germany.

Talking to The Checkered Flag ahead of the season opener in Spain, seventeen-year-old Boschung revealed that it was a present from his parents that opened his eyes to motorsport, but there had never any pressure from them.

“At the age of six I got a go-kart from my parents and started driving it in my back garden,” revealed Boschung. “And then everything went pretty quickly; I really enjoyed it and asked for a more powerful go-kart at the age of 10 or 11.

“From there I started moving up the categories and doing a few national races until I finished my karting career having contested only a few international events. The ambition to drive has always come from me and I’ve never been pressurised by my parents at any point of my career.”

Looking back at his career so far, Boschung revealed he was almost always hindered by his weight during karting, but felt he had proved himself since stepping up into single seaters, taking multiple podium finishes and a race win in ADAC Formel Masters.

“I have to say my career has been pretty consistent but with a few ups and downs as well,” said Boschung. “In karting I never had the chance to show my full capabilities as I’ve always been more than 8kg heavier than those in my category.

“Then, when graduating to the Formula BMW Talent Cup aged 14, I knew the step was early but really enjoyed driving a single-seater and had the opportunity to do so. From there on I set myself more precise targets and became more professional in what I was doing and preparing to do.

“Since then I think it’s been pretty consistent and I have proven my capabilities several times by winning races and finishing on the podium. I’d say it’s been a stable and consistent career so far.”

The Swiss driver revealed he had acquired support and sponsorship to allow him to join Jenzer Motorsport this season, and hopefully support him as he advances in his career.

“It was a pretty late deal but we have been working throughout the winter,” revealed Boschung. “We’ve also met some very important people and partners that will support me this year and hopefully also in the future. The main issue was to get a proper budget to race the full GP3 season.

“The team chief, Andreas [Jenzer], is such a great guy. He has so much passion and determination in what he does, and all of that creates such a positive mood in the team that they work so hard despite all the pressure they’re under.

“I feel proud to drive for a Swiss team as a Swiss driver. It’s always something quite unique.

“I think that we showed some good pace [during testing], but I’m not getting too excited and need to stay grounded and focused on doing my job. But I will say that it’s given the team and I a lot of motivation.”

Boschung revealed that he has no real expectations for 2015, and is just looking to enjoy the year and do the best job he can do for both himself and the team.

“Honestly, I have no expectations at all this year,” insisted Boschung. “I know that we have the financial help and are aware that the level of the championship is very high, but for me the most important thing is to enjoy every moment, as I said, and drive as fast as I can. Then we’ll see where we end up.

“Obviously GP3 is one of the F1 feeder series, and there’s a lot I can change in terms of my standing and reputation, so it’s an important year for me to show what I’m capable of.

“I’m most looking forward to just driving that GP3 beast throughout the year and enjoying every moment I’m in the car!”