Sebastien Bourdais: “Monaco is now a parking lot”

Sebastien Bourdais believes Formula 1 has removed the character from their circuits, with the four-time Champ Car champion and former Scuderia Toro Rosso Formula 1 driver insisting that IndyCar has the better racing as a result.

The Frenchman, fresh from his first IndyCar victory of the season around the Streets of Belle Isle on Sunday, admitted the conditions racing in Detroit last weekend were far trickier than anything F1 could hope to show off, which he feels enhances the show.

“It’s challenging [racing] on concrete,” said Bourdais to the Detroit Free Press. “Driving in the rain at Detroit, it’s tougher than any Formula 1 track, including the streets of Monaco.

“F1 has ruined every track. They have taken the character out of them, made them vanilla. It hurts me. Monaco is now a friggin’ parking lot with a couple of turns.”

Despite having less of a financial punch as Formula 1, Bourdais believes IndyCar is the better racing series, with the results far more unpredictable and the races with more entertainment.

“Too much in Formula 1 is all about the wrong reasons,” added Bourdais. “Money and position – it is not about the racing.

“In IndyCar, no one makes money. It’s just great, pure racing.”

  • dondahler

    I’d have to agree that IndyCar has much better racing, and F1 hasn’t been improving things for the better lately.  F1 seems to have lost its way. 

    As far as money, Montoya won $2.5 million for his Indy 500 win, and Bourdais made almost $400,000 for finishing 11th. Not a bad payday for one race.

  • FritsFrietdijk

    I would say the same if i sucked in f1