Fernando Alonso: “Today’s race was definitely disappointing”

Fernando Alonso felt it was a missed opportunity for the McLaren-Honda team to get both cars in the points during the Singapore Grand Prix as both he and team-mate Jenson Button were both forced into early retirement with gearbox issues.

Alonso was running inside the top ten when he was forced to retire, having been running a competitive race up to that point, but feels the team still lack performance and reliability and still have lots of work to do to be competitive.

“Today’s race was definitely disappointing for us because both Jenson and I could have been in the points today and we missed that opportunity,” said Alonso. “Gearbox problems caused the failure of both cars.

“Before retiring, though, we were running in the top 10, and our performance on the Supersoft [tyre] was quite good, so I think we could have kept that position until the end.

“But to score points you have to finish, and we didn’t today, so today was a reminder that we need to work harder than ever. We still lack performance and reliability, and fixing those two things represent a lot of work and we need to do that.”

  • Racehound

    Can anyone explain why it is taking Hondas engine facility in Sakura all this time to make this unit reliable?  Are they not test-benching engines to destruction 24 hours a day and resolving these issues?  If not then why not?  Fernando may tear up this deal and return to Ferrari……I cant see him putting up with this sh!t from McHonda if things carry on as they are.  Singapore and suddenly they both retire with overheating gearboxes!!!!!  Utter garbage from McHondas….Fernando and Jenson struggling at the back in a team like McLaren shows there must be something wrong with the technical rules in F1.

  • OsmanEric

    Racehound  Yes this is all true. However, my instinctive theory is that the McLaren is not designed properly to allow for the Honda power unit to be both developed or tested as it should. The Ron Dennis philosophy of making the chassis a ‘size zero’ one means that Honda were in effect dictated to by Dennis and Peter Prodromou to fit their power unit into an impossibly sized rear end chassis.
    The latest news is that Jenson Button will retire at the Japanese GP in two weeks time, and this is yet another signal that McLaren are a sinking ship with no Plan B in 2016. As far as my man Alonso is concerned, I think he may just call it day before 2016 as he was heavily reported to be asking for Dennis and Honda to renew Button’s contract, but Dennis did not do so quickly during this time last year, and he has finally obtained his wish a year later. 
    McLaren can come again, but Dennis needs to be booted out clinically and quickly to allow someone like Christian Horner to run the team without the constant dictation and meddling which Dennis has become synonymous for.