Will Stevens admits no Plan B for 2016 season

by Gemma Bray

Will Stevens has admitted that ‘Plan B’ has not crossed his mind for the 2016 Formula 1 season, should he fail to secure a Manor F1 Team seat for a second consecutive season.

Stevens hopes he can retain his seat with the British-based team for next year, and remains confident that he has done enough to be able to secure one of the only two seats left available on the grid for the 2016 season.

Asked if he had a back-up plan in place for next season, should he fail to secure a Manor seat, Stevens simply replied, “No.”

On the possibility of a reserve role in F1, Stevens said, “I don’t know. I’ll worry about it if it comes to that.

“Right now, I have every intention of being on the grid next year. If it was not looking good or I was worrying about the situation, of course I’d look at other options. But right now I’m not looking at anything else and my sole focus is on next year.

“I think ‘worried’ is completely the wrong word to use. Am I worried? No, because if I’m not on the F1 grid obviously you have to work towards getting back to it. There are 22 seats on the grid next year and hundreds of people who want to get into the sport. It’s one of those things.

“Everything in life you’ve got to take as it comes and everything happens for a reason. Obviously I’m going to be massively disappointed if I don’t get the seat. Of course I want the seat for next year which is why I’m doing everything I can to make sure it happens.

“But I think it’s wrong to look at Plans B, C, etcetera at the moment because everything really is going in the right direction. Yes, if I don’t get the seat I will be annoyed, disappointed and all those things. Right now I’m not because I’m confident in the people I’ve got around me and the people working away from the track on my behalf to make it happen.”

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