Fernando Alonso: “I have plenty of happy memories of racing in Italy”

Fernando Alonso talks about Monza

McLaren-Honda‘s Fernando Alonso heads to Monza full of confidence that the team can compete for points after the team have developed the Honda power unit.

“As we saw in Azerbaijan, the developments that have been made to these turbo cars mean they’re now incredibly fast, and we’re going to see some serious speeds along the straights at Monza”.

Alonso has won the Italian Grand Prix twice in 2007 and 2010, but the McLaren may lack the power from the Honda power unit but points are the aim for the weekend.

Monza is the fastest circuit on the track but also one of the most popular tracks on the calendar.

“This is always such a quick race – it’s over in a flash – and while it’s not always the most enjoyable to race with such low grip, the feeling of speed is phenomenal.”

The two-time World Champion has had some success in front of the Tifosi fans driving for Ferrari. The Italian fans are one of the most passionate fans in the world and always make Monza special for the drivers.

“Obviously, I have plenty of happy memories of racing in Italy, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have been the subject of both the Tifosi’s approval – and also their disapproval! But they are some of the greatest fans in the world, and their passion is what makes coming to Monza each year such a legendary experience. In many ways, Monza traditionally brings the curtain down on one part of the season, and the beginning of another – so it’s always an exciting place.”

Alonso drove impressively in Belgian finishing in seventh place and will look to repeat that points finish but with Monza solely focusing on engine horsepower, the McLaren could be compromised.