F1 to Replace Turbo Engines With a Cheaper, Noisier Power Unit

Jean Todt. Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd.

A plan is in motion for Formula 1‘s current turbocharged hybrid power unit to be replaced with a cheaper but noisier alternative from 2021.

FIA president Jean Todt held a meeting in Paris on Friday that was attended by the current manufacturers and a number of external representatives. The group discussed what direction the sport should take in the future in regards to the permitted power unit.

An agreement was reached during the meeting that will most likely result in the current turbocharged hybrid units being abandoned. Although any final decision will be as a result of years of discussions, the FIA has stated that a broad agreement on long-term goals had been drafted.

The engines are to become simpler in design and cheaper to manufacture. They will have a meatier sound and high power output. There is also a ‘desire to allow drivers to drive harder at all times‘, possibly in reference to a move away from the current fuel limitations.

I was very pleased with the process, and the fact that so many different stakeholders were able to agree on a direction for the FIA F1 world championship in such an important technical area,” Todt said.

Now we must sit down and work through the fine details of exactly what the 2021 power units will be.

“But we have begun on the right foot, and I am looking forward to working through the process to come up with the best decision for Formula 1 into the future.”