Max Verstappen: “I’m definitely looking forward to go back”

Max Verstappen is looking for a good result in Russia - Credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

The 2016 Russian Grand Prix was Max Verstappen’s last for Scuderia Toro Rosso before he moved to Red Bull Racing, but a power unit issue denied him a points finish, but the Dutchman will be looking for better this year.

The nineteen-year-old is ready for the challenge of the Sochi Autodrom, feeling it is an interesting track to race on and one that offers a challenge when it comes to the braking zones, but Verstappen is hopeful the strong pace of Red Bull at Sochi continues into 2017.

“It’s an interesting track,” said Verstappen. “It has a lot of long straights but despite that fact, Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso have actually done pretty well on that track in the past.

“It’s a special track and it’s still very new. It’s also in the middle of the Olympic Park and that gives a special atmosphere to it. The corners are mostly 90 degrees, which you normally never experience. It’s quite a flat track and not a lot of elevation changes and some difficult braking zones.

“It’s always challenging to come from high speed into a low speed corner and achieve the best out of it in braking. I’m definitely looking forward to go back there and have a good race.”