Palmer fastest in Monza Collective Tests as R-ace GP impress

Will Palmer led the way on Friday at Monza - Credit: Florent Gooden / DPPI

Will Palmer set the quickest time on the opening day of the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 Championship at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza in the second of the two collective test sessions held on Friday.

The British driver had a low-key first session as he concluded it down in eighteenth after not setting a lap time on new tyres, but the R-ace GP ace headed the field in the afternoon with a new track record for the category of 1:47.978s, almost a second faster than the previous best lap.

Robert Shwartzman was fastest in the opening of the two fifty-minute sessions, also for R-ace GP, with a best time also below the previous lap record, his 1:48.365s, 0.142 seconds clear of Tech 1 Racing’s Gabriel Aubry, while Josef Kaufmann Racing’s Sacha Fenestraz was a further 0.189 seconds back in third.

Max Defourny, the favourite for the championship for many, was fourth fastest in a good day for R-ace GP, while Red Bull Junior Richard Verschoor completed the top five on MP Motorsport’s return to the category, with the Dutchman the leading rookie of the session ahead of team-mate Jarno Opmeer.

Chinese driver Yifei Ye and Australian Luis Leeds were seventh and eighth for Josef Kaufmann Racing, while Aleksandr Vartanyan and Max Fewtrell completed the top ten.

Fenestraz was best of the rest behind Palmer in the second session, 0.244 seconds back, with Shwartzman and Defourny third and fourth ahead of Ye and Vartanyan.

Henrique Chaves was seventh for AVF by Adrian Vallés ahead of Opmeer, while Daniel Ticktum ended ninth on Arden Motorsport’s first weekend in the series ahead of Verschoor.

Qualifying for race one takes place on Saturday morning.

Robert Shwartzman was quickest in the opening session – Credit: Florent Gooden / DPPI

Autodromo Nazionale Monza Collective Test 1 Results

110Robert ShwartzmanRUSR-ace GP1:48.365
24Gabriel AubryFRATech 1 Racing1:48.507
311Sacha FenestrazFRAJosef Kaufmann Racing1:48.696
49Max DefournyBELR-ace GP1:48.753
529Richard VerschoorNEDMP Motorsport1:48.780
630Jarno OpmeerNEDMP Motorsport1:48.833
71Yifei YeCHNJosef Kaufmann Racing1:48.949
82Luis LeedsAUSJosef Kaufmann Racing1:48.995
923Aleksandr VartanyanRUSJD Motorsport1:49.026
107Max FewtrellGBRTech 1 Racing1:49.035
1117Alex PeroniAUSFortec Motorsports1:49.148
1212Raul GuzmanMEXR-ace GP1:49.201
1331Neil VerhagenUSAMP Motorsport1:49.263
145Thomas MaxwellAUSTech 1 Racing1:49.269
1593Zane GoddardAUSArden Motorsport1:49.378
1613Henrique ChavesPORAVF by Adrian Valles1:49.546
1726Presley MartonoINOMark Burdett Motorsport1:49.721
188Will PalmerGBRR-ace GP1:49.837
1916Gregoire SaucySWIAVF by Adrian Valles1:49.954
2033Daniel TicktumGBRArden Motorsport1:50.062
2122Jean Baptiste SimmenauerFRAJD Motorsport1:50.314
226Thomas NeubauerFRATech 1 Racing1:50.317
2321Sun YueyangCHNJD Motorsport1:50.468
2415Axel MatusMEXAVF by Adrian Valles1:50.588
2534Ghislain CordeelBELArden Motorsport1:50.616
2625Julia PankiewiczPOLMark Burdett Motorsport1:50.650
2719Frank BirdGBRFortec Motorsports1:50.740
2820Najiy Ayyad bin Abd RazakMALFortec Motorsports1:51.103
2914Rodrigo PfluckerPERAVF by Adrian Valles1:51.109
3018Aleksey KorneevRUSFortec MotorsportsNo Time

Autodromo Nazionale Monza Collective Test 2 Results

18Will PalmerGBRR-ace GP1:47.978
211Sacha FenestrazFRAJosef Kaufmann Racing1:48.222
310Robert ShwartzmanRUSR-ace GP1:48.227
49Max DefournyBELR-ace GP1:48.566
51Yifei YeCHNJosef Kaufmann Racing1:48.682
623Aleksandr VartanyanRUSJD Motorsport1:48.842
713Henrique ChavesPORAVF by Adrian Valles1:48.892
830Jarno OpmeerNEDMP Motorsport1:48.956
933Daniel TicktumGBRArden Motorsport1:49.005
1029Richard VerschoorNEDMP Motorsport1:49.029
1117Alex PeroniAUSFortec Motorsports1:49.071
1231Neil VerhagenUSAMP Motorsport1:49.195
1312Raul GuzmanMEXR-ace GP1:49.212
147Max FewtrellGBRTech 1 Racing1:49.213
1526Presley MartonoINOMark Burdett Motorsport1:49.344
1616Gregoire SaucySWIAVF by Adrian Valles1:49.467
172Luis LeedsAUSJosef Kaufmann Racing1:49.520
184Gabriel AubryFRATech 1 Racing1:49.605
195Thomas MaxwellAUSTech 1 Racing1:49.631
2015Axel MatusMEXAVF by Adrian Valles1:49.708
2122Jean Baptiste SimmenauerFRAJD Motorsport1:49.711
2221Sun YueyangCHNJD Motorsport1:49.771
236Thomas NeubauerFRATech 1 Racing1:49.797
2493Zane GoddardAUSArden Motorsport1:49.848
2534Ghislain CordeelBELArden Motorsport1:49.882
2614Rodrigo PfluckerPERAVF by Adrian Valles1:49.962
2720Najiy Ayyad bin Abd RazakMALFortec Motorsports1:50.126
2825Julia PankiewiczPOLMark Burdett Motorsport1:50.854
2918Aleksey KorneevRUSFortec Motorsports1:51.235
3019Frank BirdGBRFortec Motorsports1:52.711