Britain through to Speedway World Cup final

Photo: Monster Energy FIM Speedway World Cup

Great Britain skipper Craig Cook led the team to victory into the Monster Energy FIM Speedway World Cup, then declared “we’re not going there to win a medal. We’re going to win.”

The Lions finished with a nine point lead over second place finishers Australia, to take their place in the final at in Leszno alongside their Polish hosts, plus Event 2 winners and race off winners.

Australia will line up in the race off against the USA, who defied the absence of four time world champion Greg Hancock to finish in third with fifteen points.

But Great Britain really stole the show, and Cook sees no reason why they couldn’t stand on the podium in the final. But Cook has made it clear that the team are there to win and give GB its first title since 1989. He said:

“We’re not going there to win a medal. We’re going to win. What’s the point of looking to finish second? We just have to believe.

“Yes, the Poles are good. The Swedes are good, the Australians are good and the Danes are good. They’re all good; they’re all fantastic in fact. But that doesn’t mean they’re unbeatable. If you think ‘we’re up against the Poles, we’re not going to win’, you’re defeating the object.

“You have to forget about who you’re racing and concentrate on your thing. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing. It’s irrelevant. You’re there to race the bike and I think that’s what has helped me this season.”

Cook finished the night with a massive fourteen points to his name, with Steve Worrall, Chris Harris and Robert Lambert weighing in with thirteen points apiece. The Brits won the first five races, giving them a huge advantage over their rivals. He said:

“We can all ride this King’s Lynn track really well. We hit them hard from the get-go and we were out there to prove a point and make a statement. That’s what we did. We set the tone for the whole meeting and kept it up.

“I get to go to Poland and show the boys there what I’m all about. Let’s go out there and just enjoy it. I just want to go there, open a few people’s eyes and do well for GB.”

Event 1 scores:

GREAT BRITAIN 53: 1 Steve Worrall 13, 2 Craig Cook 14, 3 Chris Harris 13, 4 Robert Lambert 13, 5 Adam Ellis DNR.

AUSTRALIA 44: 1 Jason Doyle DNR, 2 Chris Holder 19, 3 Nick Morris 5, 4 Troy Batchelor 12, 5 Max Fricke 8.

USA 15: 1 Ricky Wells 3, 2 Gino Manzares 7, 3 Luke Becker 2, 4 Dillon Ruml 2, 5 Broc Nicol 1.

CZECH REPUBLIC 13: 1 Matej Kus 0, 2 Vaclav Milik 6, 3 Josef Franc 4, 4 Hynek Stichauer 3, 5 Eduard Krcmar 0.