Chris Atkinson Blog: Where did this year go?

by Dominik Wilde

Wow, where did this year go..? I can’t believe we are on the West Coast stretch already. That means I’m a year into my Red Bull Global Rallycross career and what an experience it has been so far.

The awesome thing is that both of these events have been good to Subaru in the past and we have been building momentum and closing the gaps to the leaders heading into the final part of the season. It was great to see Patrik [Sandell]  get a podium for the team in Atlantic City, we were just a bit unlucky after having great pace all weekend.

Credit: Lars Gange/Subaru Rally Team USA

The team keep pushing things forward and all the work behind the scenes is paying off. We know Seattle will usually be mixed conditions and you have to try and adapt with the set up as quick as possible. Its also tricky because half the track is on banking with the oval and the other half is mostly gravel, so at some point you are going to be compromised and having to deal with that. In that respect, it is very similar to Indy, where the car had really good pace.

LA is a different game again, long flat turns where chassis balance is super important. Last year we really showed what we could do on that type of handling circuit and this year we want to put the whole weekend together.

Rallycross is all about adapting and reacting to changes, I think the team that can do this the best for these events will finish off the season strong. Although we are out of the championship hunt, we want to finish the season strong and have a strong platform heading into 2018.

Credit: Lars Gange/Subaru Rally Team USA

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